10 October 2006

A week off

and plenty to do. It's just nice to have time to do it.

We were planning on hiking yesterday since the boys and I all had a day off coinciding with B's day off, but sadly, a church emergency came up. Instead, the boys raked leaves (their decision) and helped me pull up the weedy flowers in the flower beds. Now, it's still messy, but you can see the lovely 3 year old mums again. You can also see the day lilies, which bloomed in June, and have been blooming again since September. When did they start blooming twice in a year?

I finished M's socks on Sunday afternoon. Do they look familiar? (Don't mind the dirty looking floor. That's the color it always is--the person we bought from had no sense in floor coverings.) I have also started a pair for L. I've nearly the finished the leg of one sock, so I'll be casting on for the second probably before he and I head north for his day of doctors.

I also cast on for something for ME. I've actually made it through 2 pattern repeats and haven't had to rip it yet. It's a miracle! I have had this yarn since last spring, and every time I've tried to do something with it, it hasn't worked. At all. I seem to have found something that will work with it, and that's been nice. I'll try and get another repeat or so finished today.

Well, as much as I'd like to write about everything, I can't. I have 25 lab notebooks to grade, and I'd love to have them finished before Friday, so I can have a day with no work. That means I have to finish them today and tomorrow, since Thursday is kind of busy. I want to spend Friday buying gifts for my secret pal and signing up for a knitting class. I need to get away from the boys some time, and that's a good way to do it.


Maggie said...

I thought you might enjoy this.

Kate said...

That animation is sooo funny. Thanks for sending it to me.