10 January 2007

Finally, Other Stuff

Good Stuff:

L's SCIG went well yesterday. No crying (from me either!), no leaking, no blockage alarms, and it went smoothly. Thank goodness.

I have finished the very stockinette sleeves for B's sweater. Did you know that he has freakishly long arms? Now I have the back and the two front pieces, but they have some interesting knitting in places at least.

I am decreasing on my clapotis. It's fast now, because every row has fewer stitches.

My nose feels better every day.

The sun is brightly shining.

Weird Stuff:

Lulu seems to know when Murfy is going to have a seizure. Weird.

I'm having really strange dreams. Maybe it's the codeine?

My online class sometimes disappears. It's come back so far, though.

Bad Stuff:

M has lost his mittens. I'm trying to decide if I should make some for him, or if I should make some for me, first. (I gave away my fingerless gloves, so I am torn about this. If I make M mittens, he's getting leftovers from my Norwegian stockings.)

L's male classmates said his new mittens have pink, not red. L was mad, but told them that colors aren't for boys or girls, they are for everyone. Good job for L! That's not too bad for a kid that will only be six in one month and 9 days!

And to end, a random picture from Christmas. L dancing with Boogie, his Robosapiens. M's on the floor in the background playing with one of his new gameboy games.


Elisabeth said...

Glad you're feeling better, Kate!
I've heard that dogs can sense when humans are going to have seizures, so it's not all that surprising that she can tell when Murfy is going to have one.
Make yourself mittens first!

Anonymous said...

cute pictures! Glad you are feeling better. Just wanted to check in.