30 January 2007

I don't like Tuesdays.

Most people don't like Mondays (tell me why!), but around here, it's Tuesday. None of us like them. M doesn't because we don't let him go play with friends, because it's unfair to L. It also isn't fair to M, but what else can we do? The rest of us hate it because it's SCIG day. L's doing very well on it (we haven't visited the ped since he started it), and it's going much better since we started using his thigh for the infusion. (See the picture--that lump is the IG. He refers to that as his Incredible Hulk leg. And yes, that's his upper thigh, not his knee!)

I hate that we have to do this with him, but I do think that it's worth it. L's not as upset about it since a couple of brothers who also have to do it, but it is still really hard for a not-quite 6 year old. We let him watch TV and he gets a sucker for the actual stick. It all works, but it's just not a normal way to do things.

On the bright side, he eats like a pig afterwards. We're pretty sure that he's the only child in Madison County that asked for 2 helpings of curry for dinner tonight. Tonight, we'll have B&Js after the boys go to bed (they are having dessert now), and relax for a week. (Only 3 more months and then we're off for the summer. Yeah!)


OldLadyPenPal said...

When all is said and done, that's a mighty strong-lookin' leg your man has there!
I came looking for more scary meatloaf. I mean, delicious meatloaf!

Pattie said...

How long does it take to go down? You guys are using one site? S&J's are usually gone by morning.... I may have to let them see this picture. They have nots of knots on their tummies b/c they refuse to get poked for SCIG anywhere else except the belly! I am glad he is doing so well on it. I am dreading the boys going off for the first time in 4 1/2 years! it'll be a nice break...no pokies...

still catching up..