26 January 2007

Knitting While Waiting

I am waiting for yarn to arrive. I'm part of a swap, you see, and the person I'm knitting socks for wants knee highs. That's fine, but I need to have yarn. Oh well, I have yarn for other things.

I have two projects on the needles right now. One is for B. I'm working of the back. It's pretty easy knitting. I haven't gotten too far on it yet, as it's also boring knitting, and I cast on 122 stitches. But it will be a nice sweater, and B isn't likely to outgrow his sweaters, unlike some I can mention. The color is even pretty close. We have SUN today.
I am also finally knitting a pattern that my SP from KnittyBoard SP 7 sent me, Giotto by Anna Bell. I'm using yarn that my Spooky SP from KnittyBoard sent me, Opal mit kostbarer Seide (Opal Silk). It's fun to be able to do a project from different items that my SPs (both from the Netherlands) sent me. I have about another inch on the leg before I start the heel.
Here's a close up of the cuff/leg.


Your KnittySP8 said...

OOOooooh, bee-you-tee-ful cuff!
love the subtlty of the colors! (that sure doesn't look like it's spelled right, but you get the drift! LOL)

Pattie said...

LOVE those colors!!!!