04 January 2007


Well, it was all over yesterday at 3:30ish in the afternoon. I dozed off and on all the rest of the day. I felt better this morning, took some more pain killers, and dozed off and on all morning. Then I ate lunch, and took more drugs, and went to sleep. My only question is why is the phone ringing all day long? Who is Debbie, and why have I had strange men calling my cell phone all day? Okay, three questions. (Yes, I finally turned it to silent mode.)

Any way, I now have a shaved down septum (apparently it was too thick and was a big part of all the headaches) and newly opened up left ethmoid sinus. Apparently it healed shut after the last surgery. I won't say I feel great, but I definitely am feeling better

I'm in my pink pajamas with skulls on them, drinking tons of gatorade, and putting this update online so that I don't have to call everyone.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Hopefully this is the last surgery for me.


elisabeth said...

Hi, Kate! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I was going to call tonight, but after reading your post figured you'd probably prefer if I didn't. Let's all hope your sinuses stay open this time. Healing shut is pretty much counter-productive. Tell B that if he doesn't take good care of you, I'll have to beat him up. I'm his sister--I'm allowed. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope that eveything stays the way it should. I wish I knew you were going to be in KC the day after I left, so I could have stayed a couple of days longer...though I'm sure Mom and Dad would have loooooved that. I miss you all and really need to find time to visit everyone. I don't know if you knew this, but I'm taking Alia to visit Mom and Dad next weekend. First time for everything. Good luck and have fun recuperating!

Anonymous said...

I had a long typed out comment and stupid blogger lost it. Grr. Anyway, glad to hear you are feeling better and hope this is the last time you have to have this surgery.