20 January 2007

More Mittens

Somehow, both boys lost their mittens. (They are naughty kittens, and they shall have no pie!) So, what else could I do? I knit them both new pairs. So, I started M's new mittens on and finished them on Thursday. L's were started on Thursday, and I finished them today.

They were knit using Ann Budd's mitten recipe. I used size 2.5 dpns and leftover Dale Heilo yarn. The yarn was leftover from my Norwegian socks. I still have some yarn left over. I've used up nearly all of the dark red, but still have quite a lot of the off white left. They are pretty cute mittens. I like that they are the same colors, but very different from each other.

I am officially sick of mittens. These are the last four mittens I am knitting for the winter of 2006/2007. I have knit 6 pairs since mid December. That's enough. I'm going back to socks (and B's sweater).

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Your SP8 said...

THOSE are awesome mittens! I am so proud that my "downstream" SP is such a knittygirl!