24 January 2007

Just the Facts

We have been busy, but not with much that's interesting.

1.) I've been cleared to do all normal activities, after the de-sinusfication. Details about the surgery are really interesting. He basically destroyed my sinuses. I now have open, airy air spaces in my head instead of the dark, dank sinuses that captured mucous and got infected. I apparently have no sinuses at all any more, just a nose. (As far as I am concerned, good riddance!) Of course, I'm going to have more allergy/asthma symptoms now with no filters, but considering the humdinger of a headache I had all of 2006, it's a fair tradeoff.

2.) Because of #1, I have started biking again. It's just inside on the trainer (I have to be really careful about temperatures now), but it's a start for the goal: The Horsey Hundred in May. A century ride on Saturday in Georgetown, KY, and a shorter, fun ride on Sunday. That's how I am spending Labor Day weekend. So far this week, I have ridden 120 minutes. On Friday, I'm hoping to make another 120 minutes. Unfortunately, the trainer is boring. I make myself ride during television.

3.) I'm getting better with my new pedals. <--That's what they look like. Maybe I won't fall over when I take the Dolce outside for the first time this spring.

4.) L's IEP meeting went pretty well, although they seem to be thinking about some "new" issues that no one is admitting yet.

5.) M's Academic Team (he's the Captain!) has a record of 2-1. They lost to the semi-private school.

6.) I cast on for a new pair of socks for me. The yarn for my swap hasn't come yet, so I'm hoping that will help it come faster.

7.) B's at a diocesan budget hearing in Corbin. It's the first evening I've had alone since last December. He'll have a few more that he needs to attend, but once Convention is over, those will be over.

8.) The boys and I are reading Peter and the Shadow Stealers. It's a good book, but M really misses Gregor.

9.) Maisie asks to go outside by ringing the bell that hangs on the door knob of the back door.


Pattie said...

cool mittens, neat pedal, too! Just catching up with you!

Pat said...

Maisie ringing the bell? That's better than having her barking... Does riding the stationary help your knees? I'm thinking about getting one of those eventually for my knees.

Kate said...

Well, I don't have a stationary bicycle, so I don't know if it helps with knee pain. Last year for Christmas (2005) B gave me a trainer (at my request) that I can use inside with my regular bicycle. It's more like a regular ride. The stationary bikes are a bit different and use different muscles in a different way. I can't wait for it to finally warm up so I can go outside again.

Pattie, I'm glad you like the mittens! The boys really enjoy wearing them.