14 January 2007


I've actually finished two, count them, two projects this weekend.

On Friday night, I finished my clapotis. It's not very big, but I can wrap it around my shoulders and knot it. I wore it to church today, but have not taken pictures yet. It's just right to add color to my usual boring black dresses. (Well, I look good in black. Pale skin often does!)

When I finished my clapotis on Friday night, I cast on for another pair of Fetching for me. I finished one during Christian Formation this morning (the boys go, but since I miss over 1/2 of the classes, it's hard for me to go), and cast on for the second one right away. I was able to work on it during the discussion at the annual meeting. I made it through the cabled cuff and then worked on it this afternoon and evening. Now, they are finished! I'm not giving this pair away, even though several people indicated they would love a pair. I am wearing them right now. It's not too cold right now, but it's supposed to start becoming cold on Tuesday. I love fingerless mitts because they are so flexible. The picture with both mitts is to prove that there are two of them. Of course, the cables do slant different directions, but that would be hard for you to see. The second picture shows the colors better.

I'm going to cast on for the back of B's sweater next. I'll probably start another pair of mittens for M, who lost his, and a pair of knee highs for my sock swap. I'll have time to work on M's mittens because I have to wait for the yarn to come in first (and I can't order it until Tuesday, anyway).

I feel like I've been doing pretty well knitting-wise--even with a surgical layoff and classes starting.

I hope that you aren't in the path of The Winter Storm. We aren't really, yet.

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Amanda said...

I love blues and purples together - these ones especially are such rich colors. Very pretty!
All we've gotten of winter here in Boston is RAIN and COLD. Geez, I wish if it has to be crappy, the weather would be *serious* about it, LOL!