01 February 2007


I'm restless. Today I cast on for a pair of socks, and messed up the ribbing on the first round. These are for someone else, so they need to be at least mistake free on the cuff! Rrriiippp. Yesterday, I finished this. I did get gauge, but it's too big. Too big around, too wide for my head, too big. So, I'm ripping it too. Oh boy. The picture isn't so great, as we have no sun again. It's cold, and flurrying, but no snow, or ice, or sun.

However, also yesterday, I made meatloaf (yes, again!). This one isn't scary, or white, or gross. It's just kind of nice. The boys really liked the shape of this one, and the cheese decoration didn't hurt either. But it did work, and I at least feel like something went right!

Before you think that I am absolutely out of my mind, how many of you look forward to meatloaf for dinner? I know that when I say we are having meatloaf, the boys are actually excited!

I have "fixed" the restlessness some. B & I went to the Y (we go on TR) and ran on the treadmills. I am slow, slow but I am getting better. Running/walking for 45 minutes will help witht the restless feeling.


elisabeth said...

Hi, Kate.

I have to say, in that picture, your head thing looks kinda like a giant pair of lips. :-) You could *not* rip it out and call it pop art.

And did you know that if you Google "meatloaf sculptures," your blog is one of 3 results? I was actually kinda surprised there were that few.

You might be restless, but at least it's not Tuesday!

Your Knitty SP said...

Hi, Kate! Your meatloaf Nemo gives me great inspiration!

February is here, and you are officially my spoilee....I will be shoppin' this weekend, and shooting out a package to you on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend, and keep up the good meatloaf! :)

Kate said...

Woohoo! I'm #2. ;) I didn't know, but I must say it's actually pretty funny. There are several people who come here just to look at the meatloaf. This fish was M's favorite. M wants a pot of gold, next.

I am grateful it's not Tuesday. So's L. Yesterday, the FedEx guy came (we're starting to recognize each other) and dropped off L's next month of IG. I've decided that L gets the bubble wrap to pop now when it comes.

Pattie said...

That is the best meatloaf picture yet..... we may have to try it with the boys. My boys LOVE meatloaf.... LOVE it..... you are quite a talented meatloaf artist!