27 February 2007

Being boring

Not much to report.

Soccer starts in a couple of weeks. L & M are both playing. I am coaching L's team.

I'm still chugging away on the swap socks--I am on the foot of one sock and have finished the gusset of the other. Maybe by the end of this week they'll be ready to go.

My bicycles are tuned and ready to go. Tomorrow the plan is to do my half commute, as it will be 60 degrees. Maybe on Friday I can try out the new pedals on the Dolce.

Spring break for me is in less than two weeks. Hooray!

The Palestinian and the Israeli (Maisie and Patti) are sort of getting along. If you define getting along to mean only snapping at each other when I am in the room. If I'm not around, they get along just fine.

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Pat said...

Fighting when you are around...that sounds very familiar...
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Busy with the new job, and school, and Alia getting a new job, and moving...Is this what it is really like to be responsible? And I don't have any kids yet...