23 February 2007

Sock Swap!

Two post day! I received my socks today from Amanda! Aren't they beautiful? I have pictures of them on my feet, but they don't show off the socks well enough, so I also have a picture of the socks on the wood block outside. Amanda's socks deserve better pictures.

I am also posting a picture of one of the set of stitch markers she sent. They are very nice, and I'll use them a lot.
It is resting on one of the socks I'm knitting for Sara.

I am much further along on the socks now. I have turned both heels, and have started on the gusset of one of the socks. They are moving along. Since I've memorized the pattern, it makes it much easier to work on them. They are longer than they look. They have been a fun knit, too.


bradyphrenia said...

such pretty socks all around!

i am loving the color of my socks. :-) i really appreciate that you are knitting these for me!

Stariel said...

Hey, look at all these swap socks! I even got to try the red ones on - over my socks, and I'm sure Amanda washed them. She was worried they wouldn't fit so I had to try them to be sure. Looks like they fit great!