23 February 2007

The Sun

is out today! I am happy to see it. Of course, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the temperatures were warming (we reached the 60s), but it rained. It should hit all of 45 degrees today, but that's not so bad. Too cool for me to ride my bicycle (I haven't bought a jacket yet). Next week, the plan is to have both bikes tuned so I can start going out more. Spring really is coming. Just ask the male robins!

I'm feeling pretty cheerful, even considering that B is at Diocesan Convention. I haven't gone in 3 years, which is too bad, because it's the only time I am able to see some of my friends. I will be dragging the boys down tomorrow, though, because I'm running for office. Some how I will need to juggle them, dressing appropriately, and taking the boys out for a hike. Um, okay.

I've been knitting on the knee socks. I'm ready to turn the heels! The end is in sight, even if I might not finish them on time. Sorry, Sarah.

L had a great birthday. On the actual day, he and Daddy made brownies, because a second cake is just ridiculous, and the three of them never finish cake. While he was waiting, I snapped this picture:
I suppose we are entering the goofy years. ; )

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