16 February 2007


was an interesting day.

Since I'd been paid, I went over to the co-op to buy some of the gluten free foods that I use. On my way home, I was driving along and the car started behaving strangely. Shortly after that, the front driver's side tire went. I have a front wheel drive car, so I managed to get it off of the road and into the bike shop's parking lot. (They know me there.) No wreck. I tried to crack the lugs on the tire, but I couldn't. So I wound up calling B and he came and bailed me out. I hung out at the bike shop until he got there. I complained with everyone else about hating the trainer.

So I am now the owner of two new tires. It's made a difference in the way the car handles. I have had yet another car emergency where I managed to get the car off of the road and into a safe spot before I have to completely stop the car. The first time I was 18 years old and my brakes went out. I managed to get the car into a parking lot. The next major problem was the minivan's transmission went out on Main Street in Lexington. I drove it to the church (that's where B was working then) and got it into the parking lot where the transmission completely locked up. The tow truck driver was most impressed at my driving skills. Now I've gotten a third.

In other news, I had a parent/teacher conference with L's Kindy teacher. He has greatly improved since he started in the fall. I need to remember the fall conference is bad, the spring(-ish) one is better. He's doing very well academically, but he has trouble in large groups. Small steps, right? I also told her what had happened when I missed the IEP meeting. She was most amused that it was due to the painkillers I was taking for the sinus surgery. She said that she knew that I wouldn't just skip it.

That's where we are right now. Today was buying groceries (I always buy more than we need after we've been short on cash) and paying bills. Woohoo. I'm glad that February is short. It's always a miserable month (unfortunately, that includes the year L was born--that was a scary February).


LilKnitter said...

Hi Kate, I'm de-lurking!

Hubs and I have been having car trouble, too. Turned out our front tires were BALD! In Ottawa, Canada, in the winter!! Not good. We, too, own two new tires.

I love your meatloaf posts. I'm veggie. But I love them! You make meat look fun.

elisabeth said...

Glad everything worked out, Kate. Aren't you glad Mom's in CR so she can't exclaim? I could do it for her, if you like. :-)

Kate said...

Hi lilknitter! It's nice to "meet" you. I need to start de-lurking too. :)

elisabeth, I am *extremely* pleased that Mom wasn't around to shriek. I'm glad that she worries, but I'm the type to become very, very calm when things are bad. It wasn't much fun, at the time. At least now my car is safer.