12 February 2007

It Couldn't Last

SCIG is wonderful, but even it can't keep L healthy all of the time.

He had a sniffly, scratchy cough, went to a clingy, weepy day yesterday, and now has a cough that seems to be coming from his chest. He's home sick today. When B asked if I thought L should stay home, it was pretty clear that he should. If Dad thinks he needs to stay home... We'll probably go to the pediatrician tomorrow. This will be the first time this winter!

I've been working on the swap socks, and they are coming along nicely. I can't take them with me any more though because they keep sliding off of the needles. I've fixed them three times already, and I'm tired of it. They will be finished though, so I'm not too worried about it.

Patti and Maisie aren't fighting all of the time. Only about half of the time. : )

It's warmer today--hopefully it will stay that way. We might hit 50 degrees!

I should go. I'm using this as a work avoidance. I have 23 notebooks to grade, and I don't want to do it. Sigh. Sorry for the boring, picture-less post. Not every day is interesting.

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