09 February 2007

Proof of Knitting

I've been working on my sock pal swap socks. They are a very nice pair of socks, if I must say so myself.

Here's a view of the cuff and the leg:I'm knitting them in Lang JaWoll superwash. I believe that they are a pretty nice pair.
A better view of the stitch pattern of the leg: I hope that knottygnome likes them!


Amanda said...

I like them!! I'm sure knottygnome will, too.
I'm well on my way on your second sock - we'll probably finish at the same time even after all the stress of trying to get the yarn, LOL!
It's a beautiful color and pattern, too, BTW!

bradyphrenia said...

ooh those are gorgeous!!!

i can't wait. *rubbing hands maniacally*

i'm just kidding. i can wait. take your time.

are those evening stockings from kvs?

Pattie said...

Love the socks! Just trying to catch up on your blog early this morning. :-)