03 February 2007

Snow Day!

The boys were out of school today for snow. We had maybe 2", but for here, that's a pretty significant amount. L was excited, as it's the most snow he's ever seen. M's technically seen more (when he was 5 months old we had 19" all at once), but he's never really seen snow either.
M used up the snow to do this:It took him pretty much all of the snow on the side of the house to build it, too. You can see the lack of snow around the snow man.After the boys were finished outside (only one argument between them, too!), they came in to this:I spent the day re-knitting the last project I finished (I made it about 20% smaller--still a little big, but it'll do). My ears will be warmer, at least.

Murfy spent the day doing this:
He might have had the best plan.

P.S. Please keep B's uncle and aunt in your prayers. Their house in FL was destroyed yesterday morning in the tornado. They were relatively unharmed, but they still have a lot of things that they need to do.


Maggie said...

at least they got to play in some snow. And that fire sure looks inviting. I'm freezing my derriere off over here.

Pattie said...

Love teh hat and snow pics!