21 February 2007

Secret Pal Package

My Knitty Secret Pal sent me a package! It came yesterday, but yesterday was my early day for teaching, so I wasn't home. This morning, I schlepped over to the pick up stuff post office (we have two, you see). Any day this week is a good time for some sunshine--lots of the not fun memories from the week L was born are popping into my brain. Someday, I'll have to write about it, but not this year! It also doesn't help that I seem to have caught L's virus. If I didn't have to teach today, I'd be curled up in bed.

Anyway, my most generous Secret Pal (she's the one that bought half of the yarn from last week) sent me a lovely package full of yarn and knitting notions. She also sent stickers for the boys, who will be very pleased AND some beautiful dried flower notecards. I feel so spoiled! The cream, tan, and blue yarn seems to be telling me that they are going to be socks for B. The blues are definitely for me.

Now all I have to do is finish a couple of things--such as B's sweater, the knee socks (which are now ready for the heels!), the other socks for me, M's sweater (which is still just yarn), and...
Thanks, SP!

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LilKnitter said...

Happy knittiness to you!

And a very happy birthday to L!