11 June 2007

And now, for something not so different

I can knit again. This is a huge relief, and counts as physical therapy. I am also biking again. (Well, okay, it's on the trainer, but I'm still on the bike! I can't grasp the handlebars well yet, and shifting is right out. Right now I'm biking my way through Vicar of Dibley episodes.)

The vegetables are growing. I had to re-tie the tomatoes already. Lettuce is recognizable, and the green beans are going to become vine-y soon. We'll wait to talk about the peppers and their narrow escape from total destruction.

The Collar is shepherding several teenagers through inner city Chicago. Lucky him! I get to stay home with two bored but creative boys. You be the judge who is in for a more interesting week!

I have actually finished a few things since last Thursday. Three of those things are gifts, and cannot be shown just yet. (The recipient(s) reads the blog.) I even made up the pattern. Maybe I'll write it up and let y'all knit one too. Or not. It's pretty easy to figure out all on your own.

There are things that I can show you. For instance, another patternless project (for Game Boy, they are wristbands, for The Wiz, they are powers):Game Boy's wristbands are knit in leftover Denim Style on size 7 needles in a 2X1 rib. The Wiz's powers are Wool-Ease, also on size 7 needles in 2X1 rib.

These are 2 miters for a miter square baby blanket in Crayon. The yarn was from the intarsia baby blanket which I ripped. Then it started as a log cabin baby blanket that I ripped because it wasn't quite right. I'll do a log cabin some day, but right now, the miters are easier. I'll probably knit 16 miters and decide then if it should be bigger or not. I'm knitting miters (or washclothes) whenever I want to finish something quickly. (I am still knitting miters from leftover sock yarn, too.)Finally, I started a pinwheel baby blanket using the left over Woolease I have in hunter green and pink. We'll see how far that goes.
There is something deeply satisfying to me about using up leftover yarn in the summer. Money is tight, and somehow it feels like I'm doing something to help that, even though I'm not a big buyer of yarn any time. Maybe it's the satisfaction of making something nice out of leftovers. I really don't know.

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bradyphrenia said...

i'm glad you were able to go back to knitting. i know what you mean about using up leftovers. it feels good to be thrifty!