04 June 2007


You Are the Thumb

You're unique and flexible. And you defy any category.
Mentally strong and agile, you do things your own way. And you do them well.
You are a natural leader... but also truly a loner. You inspire many but connect with few.

You get along well with: The Middle Finger

Stay away from: The Pinky

*Yes, I'm using it correctly. Considering all of the trouble I'm having with mine, it's pretty funny that this is how my results came back!


Elisabeth said...

You should make the Collar take it and see if he comes out as the Middle Finger (or the Pinky).

Pat said...

I'm blaming you because I did it after you :-)

Elisabeth, her brother is though...

Kate said...

The Collar is also a Thumb. I'm not too surprised. :)