15 June 2007


Even with our amazing lack of rain, some things are growing (besides The Wiz's feet).

It may not be our flower beds, or our lawn, but our veggie containers are looking quite nice right now. I tried to take a picture of our "baby" tomatoes, but they did not come out well. However, here's what's growing.Lettuce!
Peppers with flower buds.
Tomatoes, container 1
Finally, Kentucky Wonder Beans.

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Pat said...

Sis, I never had a place before to do gardening. It is fun to be able to grow stuff from a small little plant we get at Wal-Mart or the Home Depot. I tried to convince Alia to start from seeds, but maybe next year.

As for tomatoes, I've been eating them for a while. I think I started in college, but it has been a while. They taste so good. I can't wait to taste ones that we ourselves have grown.

Your garden is looking really nice. Alia thinks I'm a big dork because I took pictures of our garden. But I think it is cool.