07 June 2007

The MRI hath spoken

and so sayeth the surgeon: "There will be no surgery."

I'm not crazy, I really did hurt the thumb. I tore the RCL, and the evidence that I did was right there on the MRI scans. The RCL has healed, and is stabilizing the joint like it should. It's thin, and not 100% attached, but at this point, it's good to go.

However, (you knew that was coming, right?) I bruised the bottom end of the distal phalynx, probably by forcing the two bones into each other when I fell. There is also evidence that I cracked the bone. Now all the pain is due to the bruise. Apparently, bone bruises are good because they do eventually heal on their own. They are bad because they take months to heal. I am now at 2 and a half months since I originally injured my poor left thumb. So it could be a long time still.

I am supposed to go ahead and do things as much as possible. If it hurts, the splint goes back on. I am also supposed to find ways to do things that don't hurt my thumb. I am guessing my thumb won't ever be 100%, but it will be usable.

So, I am not crazy and I don't need surgery. It's a long time to heal, but it will eventually stop hurting. I'm calling it good.


Amanda said...

Hallelujah! Time to break out the knitting needles! Seriously, I'm glad you don't have to have surgery. :) :)

bradyphrenia said...

yay for not needing surgery! anyone i've ever known who has needed surgery always ends up with complications from the surgery. so i'm glad you lucked out. here's hoping you continue to get better at a goodly pace!

Kate said...

I am relieved. It will never be the same as it was before, but surgery wouldn't have fixed to that state either.

Another good thing is that a splint comes off and I can wash my hands, and hair, and scratch... :)