21 June 2007

Soap Pouch Pattern

Here are the directions. I even remembered to write all of this down as I worked on this project.

Soap Pouch

What you need:
1 ball (actually much less) of Peaches & Creme 100% cotton yarn
Size 8 US double pointed needles (I used 4 for this project)
Size 8 US crochet hook
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Cast on 30 stitches. (I used knit on cast on.)
Divide stitches among three needles (10 on each needle, for those who hate math).
Knit, and join into round.
Place marker to identify beginning of round.
Knit 5 more rounds.
On the next round, *k2tog, yo*, repeat from * to * to the end of the round.
On next round and all following, knit.
When the tube is 4.5 inches (or as long as you need it to be) from the eyelet round, turn the piece inside out.
Adjust so that there are 15 stitches on each needle.
Using the 3 needle bind off, bind off all stitches.
Weave in ends, turn right side out.

Chain stitch a tie for about 20 inches, depending on how long of a loop you want.
Thread tie through the eyelets.
Knot the two ends together.

There you have it: a pouch for soap. The boys tell me the pouch suds up very well, and works like a washcloth. Fine. Anything that gets Game Boy to use soap in the shower is worth my time!


Amanda said...

Thank you!!! Let's see if I can have equivalent good luck with J...... :)

lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

Those are so awesome! I made a slew of them for the kids in my dd's 5th grade class last year as they went off to Outdoor School (overnight camp for a week)...the teachers were grateful! LOL