12 June 2007


I keep having these small amounts of yarn left over after I finish knitting washcloths and the like. It drives me crazy. It's not enough to make another one, and it's too much to throw away. I have also been thinking about pinwheels.

I am knitting a pinwheel blanket with left over yarn from a couple of sweater projects and thought the same thing might make a good washcloth. This is knit from 5 different small bits of yarn from other projects.

Game Boy says I've knitted a pizza, complete with crust. Maybe.
Keeping the boys busy when Daddy's away idea #52: Give each one a dollar and go to the Dollar Tree. Game Boy chose a pack of two rc cars (one pink, one green) and The Wiz chose a tiny bowling set. Not only did they get to choose a new toy, they've been busy with them all day. All for two dollars.

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LC said...

Time to knit a meat loaf! :)

LC in Sunny So Cal