20 June 2007

While the boys are away

I should clean my house. But it's not happening. I seem to have hit a resentful place where I don't want to sort and pick up their toys. Part of the problem is that I want/need to vacuum, and our worthless vacuum cleaner is not working at all. Yuck. Maybe we'll scrape together some moola and buy a new one. That actually might work to motivate me. Instead, I've been knitting, playing on the computer, and getting exercise. I'm doing 10.5 minute miles on the elliptical trainer. Go me!

So, the knitting. I've been working on a washcloth to go with the yellow and white pinwheel one I gave to my MIL, that you haven't seen and that I forgot to take pictures. The pinwheel one I even did a single crochet edging around it, with a loop so it can be hung up. But, alas, there are no pictures because I forgot! The washcloth below is the ball band one from the Peaches and Creme yarn label.

I also knitted soap pouches for my FIL. They work very well hold the soap and as a scrubby/washcloth. I made him two, but actualy knitted four of them. The boys were my beta testers. They work pretty well, and they dry between uses, and you can toss them in the wash when it's time to clean them. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I made up the pattern, so if you want to know what I did, leave a comment and I'll post the so-called pattern. I think that pretty much anyone who knits could figure out my pattern on their own.I'm still working on the pinwheel baby blanket, using leftover wool ease. It's grown a lot, don't you think? I like the contrast between the pink and dark green. My plan is to knit this until I run out of yarn. At that point, I'll decide whether to get more, or quit.
I realize that I am knitting a lot of stuff for babies. Baby stuff is a great way to use up odds and ends of yarn, or single lonely skeins. I might donate the washable blankets to Ronald McDonald House, because when The Wiz was born, they gave us a blanket for him and a stuffed dolphin to Game Boy when we had to stay there. (Yes, the Wiz has expanded our horizens greatly.

Back to knitting. I have a project that I need to start.

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Amanda said...

Well, I would love to see the pattern for the soap pouches! I am *so sick* of picking little leftover bits of soap bar from the shower since J can't bring himself to throw them out when he's run out. I think these would be a big help (for me, anyway)!