22 June 2007

I'm NOT cool

and I don't care.

I am probably the only knitter who isn't knitting or has knit a pair of Monkeys. Nope, I'm knitting 2X2 ribbed socks for The Collar and a pair of vintage socks for me.

I am probably the only knitter who isn't going to join Ravelry. One discussion board and a blog are enough for me.

I'm out of the loop, but I don't mind. My own little world is busy enough! :)

I am going to be away from the keyboard next week. There's lots to do here for various reasons, and I'll give you an update in a week or so.

This week I've really started exercising again. I have been using the elliptical trainer at the Y and have managed a whopping 27.9 miles on it this week. My goal is to try for a marathon a week. Next week won't work, but after that, I think that I can.

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to try and ride the Dew. My thumb is still weak, and it aches after being out of the splint after an hour. Someday, I will be better.
Have a great weekend!

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