06 March 2007

Amusing Herself

Apparently, border collie mixes get bored with doing things the "normal" way.

Maisie has taught herself a new trick: blowing bubbles. She sticks her nose in the water bowl, and blows out. So, now we have a bell-ringing, nose bubble blowing dog.

Just the perfect dog for little boys.

In other news, L's IG hasn't arrived yet. I wonder if we are going to have to put it off for a day. He's also getting a new pump, as the alarm continually goes off during the infusion. The new one supposedly is stronger and smaller so we shall see how that works.

I mailed off knottygnome's socks. I hope that they fit her!

One of my students came by and showed me pictures of her baby that she had two weeks ago. It was nice to see pictures of a new baby with tons of hair. I am also always amazed at how chubby and done full term babies are.

I have one lecture and one lab and then it's officially Spring Break for me. About time, too! This week has been a lot of grading and setting up of lab practicals. The students hate lab practicals, BUT I HATE THEM MORE!

M's going to Regionals for Governor's Cup. Dinner has apparently become M's science tutoring time until then. We've started teaching him science vocabulary. If you know what a word means, you have a better chance of getting the question correct! He's really very excited about all of this.

B's busy, busy, just like always. We are hoping for a free Saturday. Maybe in July.

-----Edited to add:
The IG and the pump came today. Look at the size difference between the two. It has to be better than the old one, right? It's a lot lighter, too. Maybe it will bother L less. Maybe?

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Maggie said...

way to go, M!! Miss all of you.