09 March 2007

Running and Knitting and Other Things

Yesterday, I ran again. I can only run on a treadmill, but at least I can run there! I ran 20 minutes, walked 10, ran 10, and cooled down for 5. I am trying to get back up to being able to run 40 minutes at a time. I think that I'll be able to do that at least.

I was going to ride my bicycle today, but L threw up last night, so he's home sick. Although he is acting like he feels just fine now. It's really too bad, because the weather is warm and lovely today.

I have been knitting a few things. However, I am going to have to rip the socks I was knitting for myself, because I dropped a stitch and can't figure out how to fix it. So I have been working on other things for awhile.

First, I am making very slow progress on B's sweater. Here's a picture of the back.It doesn't look much different, but the back is about twice as long as it was. It is a nice color, though.

Here is M's sweater back. He outgrew and lost his old hoodie sweater, so I am knitting him a new one. This one is a cotton/acrylic blend, so it should be pretty comfortable for him. I am nearly finished with the back, so I am making pretty good progress. I started it last week, I believe.
I am also working on the Domovoi Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. I am knitting it in laceweight on size 8 needles rather than DK weight. I have completed 2 repeats, so I am making progress. I am using lifelines, every repeat, because I am paranoid about making mistakes. It's not all that impressive yet, though.
Lace never is, until you can block it.

Knottygnome received her socks. To really appreciate them, you need to see them when she's wearing them. The pattern really pops when they are being worn.


Amanda said...

Is B's sweater a Cambridge Jacket from IK, by any chance? I have a similar front panel in charcoal gray on the needles right now, LOL!

Kate said...

That's the pattern. I have both sleeves done (the man has 37" arms) and a good chunk of the back. Hopefully, once the front is done, I won't have the ugh! sleeves feeling.

I'll tell you how it works out!

Maggie said...

someday, maybe, I will take a knitting class. Maybe. lol You are really talented.

chilloften said...

Wow those socks you made knotygnome are absolutely gorgeous. I am so envious.