03 March 2007

Brain Food

M has district Governor's cup competitions today. He's taking exams for science and math (he is definitely ours) and is on the quick recall team. (So far this year, he has been in every single match, for the whole time.)

Because we are a celebratory type of family, we had dinner at his request: meatloaf. He, however, doesn't eat brain shaped meatloaf, so we had thinking cap meatloaf.
Good luck today, M! We're rooting for you!

M's quick recall team did not do so well. However, the students from his school were represented in every individual assessment category but one. M (a fourth grader competing among fourth and fifth graders) came in 5th place for the science assessment. He was the only fourth grader from his school to place.

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Elisabeth said...

Way to go, M! I did Governor's Cup when I was in middle and high school. Hope you have as much fun with it as I did. Love, Aunt Elisabeth