15 March 2007


it's definitely cycling season.

After a lovely hour-long ride (15.0 mph, 15.27 miles), I made it to our driveway, unclicked my right foot from the pedal, and tried put down my left foot. Oops.
The damage is pretty minimal--bruises on my elbows, bruises on my ribs, a deep bruisee on the palm of my left hand, and the lovely mess you see on my calf. Maybe this is the injury for the year.


Amanda said...

Ow, ow, oh ow....sounds like a wonderful ride, though. Isn't the weather GREAT?
Hope you heal quickly - here's hoping this really is the only injury of the season! Feel better!

Pattie said...


LilKnitter said...

Yowee. On the plus-side, you do look like you have strong calf muscles (I'm sure it's not only dancers who notice these things!).
I am planning to design my own pattern for the BIL kilt hose. A wide braid up the shin, and a panel of the Hollow Oak cable stitch pattern up either side of the leg, with a textured turn-over cuff and simple ribbing between the patterned stitches. I think it should actually be fairly straight forward, with all the shaping at the back in ribbing. I'll keep you posted!

Maggie said...

Haven't you ever heard "Beware the Ides of March"? lol

Anonymous said...

Oh DEAR! That looks like it needs some serious babying! Maybe instead, I'll get busy on your package, and get it off to you! I have a really cool thing from CafePress, but that's the extent of the hints!

Hope all (else) is well, and you're looking forward to tomorrow, the first day of Spring!