29 March 2007

Summer Plans

have been hereby changed. Of course, being us, it's because something new happened. Something that is NOT good. Aren't we lucky to have such interesting lives? Here's the plan change cause:I have seriously sprained my left thumb. As in, this would heal faster if you'd broken it. As in you'll probably be immobilized for 12 weeks. As in, you have to see the hand surgeon because surgery is a distinct possibility, and we don't want you to lose mobility and use of your thumb.
I can't go cycling because I can't grasp with my left hand. I can't really garden for the same reason. I can type, though. I can probably knit, although I still hurt a lot, so I haven't tried. Right now I'm taking ibuprofen, but at night I'm taking tylenol with codeine. Yes, it's that bad.

I did this yesterday morning. Wednesday started out kind of strange anyway. I woke up to thunder. As The Collar and I ate breakfast (the boys were already at school), the power went out, and was out for about an hour. During the hour the power was out, The Wiz had an accident at school so I had to run him new clothes. No power at school = dark bathrooms = scared The Wiz. I get to the school, he changes, I head to the grocery store for the soup ingredients, GameBoy's lunch supplies, and ice cream (most important). Any way, I get home, and start carting up the groceries from the garage. I start walking up the stairs, step on a dog toy, and down I go. The thumb was hyperextended, and it HURT. A lot. It hurt so much I started crying. There were no words. None at all.

I decided I jammed it. I picked myself up, picked up the groceries, and carried them upstairs. Then I brought up the second load of groceries. I put the perishables away, and realized that I still hurt. More, in fact, than at the time of injury. So I called The Collar, and told him what I'd done. However, I didn't decide to go to the ER or UTC (urgent treatment center--cheaper and faster) at that point. No, I decided to check my e-mail. I made an ice pack, and rested my thumb/hand on it and tried to read the email. I couldn't concentrate on it. My left thumb area was now twice the size of my right, and it hurt even more. I decided that I should go to the UTC (I despise going to the ER), and get it X-rayed. I even took the splint from my last thumb injury.

The first thing the UTC doctor said to me was that no one needed any training to see that there was something pretty seriously wrong in my case. Just what I wanted to hear. Then he asked me to make a circle with my thumb and forefinger--nothing doing. Then I had X-rays, and tried to read (which I couldn't). The x-rays came back with nothing broken, but instead he thought that I may have torn the ulna-collateral ligament (UCL), which is BAD. Worse than a broken thumb or hand. So here's a script for tylenol with codeine, put on your splint and don't take it off, and here's an appointment with the hand surgeon. That will be on Tuesday, so I'll let you know what he says. Maybe things will be better. Maybe it's not so bad?

The not-so funny about this: Monday the dermatologist released me from his care. Two weeks ago the ENT did. Both said, "Stay away from doctors for awhile!"

So, I won't be gardening much this summer. Or cycling. Or doing much that requires two hands.

Maybe the neither of the boys will break anything now? I really hope not...


Anonymous said...

OH NO! I'm SO sorry...what a bummer. I hope it heals as quickly as possible, and that you're inconvienced as little as possible.

*gentle hugs*


Amanda said...

Noooooooooo! OMG! I'm so sorry! I have my fingers and toes crossed for no surgery, but if you have to have it...and either way....I hope this heals quickly so you can enjoy at least some of what you had planned for summer.


Maggie said...

You know, I can only laugh because this is how summer breaks go people lucky enough to be born into our family. I'm taking C into the doctor today for a mysterious rash he has broken out in after playing outside the other day. It's not poison ivy or a sunburn, but it's not pretty at all. Watch, he'll have developed an allergic reaction to the sun.

I hope it heals quickly and the pain disapates rather quickly as well. Praying that this doesn't turn into another ankle situation for you. Love you.