24 March 2007


Today was day of the first games. Both boys played: GameBoy at 9:30 am and The Wiz at 11:00. It was WARM. As in I wore shorts and a t-shirt and was comfortable at the early game.
GameBoy's game went well. For the first 15 minutes, I thought the two teams were evenly matched--but then the Tigers took off. GameBoy and his team won in a shut out. He's quite pleased.

The Wiz and I had our first game this season later. The players have gotten much better. They actually scored 6 goals! Much better than last season. : ) Yes, we did lose. The Wiz got his first goal, EVER. He is extremely proud of himself. We still need to work on The Wiz crying when the other team scores, and not continuing to play when he falls down. He tends to get up and wander back over to the side lines. He's not hurt, but he feels like he should be.

Well, I need to find us some lunch. I am hungry, even if the boys are not.

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kNITTY sP 8 said...

Yay! Springtime Soccer!

Enjoy every minute. Kids grow up so fast...trust me!

Oh, and I sent out a package yesterday, with YOUR name on it!! Ignore the city named in the postmark...I made a drive to go send it! Haw!