13 March 2007

Just Call Him the Wiz

Warning--gross post ahead. I've decided to save this for posterity so I can remind him later on how much FUN he was.

L, as many of you know, marches to the beat of his own guitar. (Drums are definitely too mainstream for this kid!) As parents, B and I walk a fine line between telling him certain behaviors are unacceptable, and trying NOT to put ideas in his little head. Generally, if we tell him not to do something, he won't do it, but he will find a loop hole somewhere. The letter of the law is what he's after, and most definitely not the spirit of the law.

Apparently, L decided sometime last week that the bathroom was too far from his bedroom, yet again. (He has been known to use cups, piles of dirty laundry, etc., and each time is told that it is wrong, and he has to use the toilet. It stops.) The bathroom is all of 20 feet from his bedroom. Apparently, he decided that instead of leaving his room, he'd just pee off of the end of his bed, onto the wall. This of course soaked the carpet, was on the wall, the window, and part of the bed. Lovely.

However, neither B nor I could figure out where this smell was coming from. At first, it was just a slight unpleasant smell, and we thought that Maisie had snuck one of her moles into his room for later. Then it became worse, and was obviously a urine smell. We thought maybe it was Murfy going into decline again or maybe Maisie because she's pretty stressed out due to the doughnut spare dog. We still couldn't find the source. It continued to get worse. L disclaimed all knowledge.

Finally, Sunday night I asked yet again. He denied knowing anything about it, but gave me his signal that he was lying. I told him if he didn't tell the truth right now, he was going to be grounded. So, he 'fessed up.

I have used Simple Green, pet enzyme cleaners, and vinegar on his carpet at this point. It's much better, but I need to work on it a bit more today. His room smells like coleslaw.

What is he going to come up with next?


Anonymous said...

Ah, the things they DON'T tell you about when you're expecting a baby! LOL...poor kid, having to walk ALL the way to the bathroom to relieve himself!

Fret not, he'll be the one who invents something wonderful for the world...different drummers are a special breed!

I wanted to tell you that my access to a 'puter will be sketchy for the next few weeks, so if I seem to be forgetting you, I'm not....but I'll be collecting stuff for your March package!

Have a wonderful week! (and keep up with the enzymatic stain removers!) :)

Your Knitty SP8

Maggie said...

Oh, lovely.

Charlie is convinced that the outdoors, no matter where we are is a public bathroom for men everywhere.

LilKnitter said...

Well, it stands to reason that at some point he will run out of alternatives and he will HAVE to use the bathroom, because it will be the only option left. That will be a nice day for you!

Kids are crazy...I can't wait to have some!

Pat said...

So is this what we have to look forward to when Alia and I have kids?

Elisabeth said...

Save this story to tell his girlfriends! (I'm so glad I don't have to deal with these things.)

Kate said...

I'm not worried about him too much--it seems to be something that other kids do too. He'll be interesting as an adult, I'm sure. Life with The Wiz is never boring. Of course, it's not boring with M, either!

Pat--YOUR kids will do something equally bizarre but totally different. So this particular incident you may not have to worry about. But you'll have other stuff instead. :)

elisabeth, that's why I wrote this. No way will I forget this.

Heels said...

**if I snort out loud, this will happen to me, too**

**if I snort out loud, this will happen to me, too**

**if I snort out loud, this will happen to me, too**



Snort out loud.

Pattie said...

BOYS! having three boys (4 if you count hubby) I can definitely say that I am SO glad it isn't just my boys hat do these things. WHAT goes on inside their heads!????