26 March 2007


I've had a few surprises the last couple of days. First, when soccer starts in March, you don't expect to go to a game and come home with striped feet. It was at least 80 F out there. (Today, it was a record: it reached 82.) GameBoy's team defeated this team too--8-0. Second, when you have a dermatologist's appointment the next day, you don't expect him to be nonchalant about said sunburn. Basically, he said that I'm so fair, I'm going to burn. I'm currently skin cancer free, but most likely I'll have a recurrence or two (or ten). Growing up in Kansas was not good for my skin.

Another surprise is how straight A's are celebrated at GameBoy's and The Wiz's school. GameBoy was able to have the straight A's lunch (complete with medium frosty) and they gave each kid a bag of loot: a miniature light saber, a baton, a cup, and other things that I can't remember at the moment.

And finally, I received a surprise from my SP. I think that she's from the West Coast, but I am not convinced that I know where. She sent me a great package, too. Of course, there was yarn:

The Wiz saw the box, and decided that this yarn is for him. He likes the colors. If there's enough left over, I might make him a pair from the left overs.

She also sent me wonderful gardening gloves (goatskin, which make the best gloves for gardening in my experience) and flower seeds (hollyhocks, columbine, and Canterbury bells). Maybe we'll be able to plant flowers this weekend.

And finally, a really great t-shirt. Do you think it's me?


Anonymous said...

Wear it in good health, and with the bike always perpendicular to the earth! :)

(I know it's too big but I was afraid it would shrink...and you cyclers do "layer" right?)

Glad it arrived!


Kate said...

Thanks so much. I can't wait to wear the shirt. I much prefer to have a shirt a bit big rather than a bit small. :)

I'm usually pretty good about keeping it perpendicular. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to demonstrate again. :)