12 March 2007

Bicycle Weather

It has finally warmed up to the point where cycling is really enjoyable outside. It has reached 70 degrees, so it's comfortable wearing my shorts and jersey. It's not so hot that I reach home soaked to the skin, which is a bonus.

I finally was able to use the new pedals outside. I didn't have the problems I anticipated, which was really nice. They did help me go faster...last summer I was averaging between 15-16 mph, but today (the first real ride of the season) I went 15.3 mph. I wonder how I'll be doing by fall?

The stats for today's ride: 13.13 miles (Union City route) in 51 minutes, 38 seconds (I slowed down at the end) thus averaging 15.3 mph.

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Pat said...

I don't know how much you follow college basketball, but Kentucky is playing Alia's alma mater in the first round. She's mad that I'd rather have Kansas go to the second weekend than Nova or UK.