20 March 2007

Back to school

My spring break is over. :(

Due to last week's clean up event, I have decided that the boys in this blog need nicknames. The initials are so boring!

L is, of course, The Wiz. Eventually, we'll all forget why. Maybe.

M is GameBoy. Not because he plays his game boy constantly, but because he loves to play games of all kinds--Scrabble, Might and Magic, Pokemon, dominoes, etc. and ad infinitum.

B is The Collar. I don't think that needs any explanation.

Anyhoo, I am back in school. We have all of 5 weeks of classes left after this week. Yesterday, only 8 people showed up to my 35 student class. Grrr. The ones that came were treated to the easiest pop quiz of all time, for extra credit. I had much better attendance at lab this morning, but how on earth do they expect to do well if they skip out after an hour?

GameBoy has a lot of good news. He came in 4th place at the Regional Governor's Cup for Science, tying with a fifth grader from our church. He also earned straight A's on his 3rd quarter report card. Soccer has started, and he's a happy camper.

The Wiz won't be happy because today is SCIG day. We haven't seen his report card yet.

Knitting has been happening. I have finished the front of GameBoy's sweater, and cast on both sleeves. The Collar's sweater back is now about 9" so only another 7.75" and it will be time for the arm holes. Yes! I made a bag from knitted gifts (no picture) and haven't worked on my socks or my shawl.

Running is going extremely well. Today I ran for 32 minutes and managed 2.7 miles. I am improving very quickly. Hopefully I'll be able to get on the bike soon, but the rain will need to stop.

That's the news. It's just boring and quiet around here right now.


Pattie said...

I like the nicknames! Clever. We have nicknames for our boys--- Brave running mouth (M), Brave Screaming Eagle (J) and Brave Whining Bear (S)--- ha ha ha

sorry your spring break is over! Will you guys be around next week at all? Maybe we could meet for dinner again on our way home from Cinci? I really liked the place we met last time..... you'd have to tell me the exit again.... and C will be with us--oh and M-- you can see for yourself how truly HUGE the boy is! Let me know!

Anne said...

Love the nicknames, but I'm not sure you'll ever forget why he's the Wiz lol.

I have a 'nephew' who's been Max ever since he was born, and he's 16 now. He earned his nickname by managing to pee on everyone in the family within the first 24 hours. From great distance (hence Max). So... good luck with the forgetting the reason LOL.