21 May 2007

And how does your garden grow?

This year, I'm going back to my dorm room/apartment dweller roots and I'm growing a container vegetable garden. I used to grow peppers and tomatoes on the balcony and had reasonable success, so we're doing it again. We, not I, because this year I need some help.

We started with empty toddler wading pools. First, we (The Collar) added drainage holes to the bottom of the pools. The Wiz tried to add holes, but didn't have much success.

Then, we added gravel, and spread it out.

Then, the dirt! We're using Miracle Gro vegetable and flower
potting soil. After this, we're going organic. Organic dirt is quite expensive.

Next, The Collar wound twine around the poles, to make a green bean tent, eventually, anyway.

And finally, we have dirty hands.
I did manage to do some of the work. I spread dirt, carried the seeds, planted seeds, and supervised.

We will have a wading pool of lettuce, one of green beans, some tomatoes, and some peppers. The tomatoes and peppers will be planted next week. Yum. Fresh veggies for dinner soon.


Pattie said...

I love your garden. Hope you get lots of veggies.

Pat said...

I'm attempting to grow tomatoes for the first time at our house. I hope I have as much luck as you.

Elizabeth said...

I admire your gardens! Great pics, too. Good luck!