09 May 2007


Even not doing anything is busy around here.

I'm not teaching this summer after all (or at least right now). The class didn't have enough students. It might be put online, but I don't know yet. I hope that it is. I'm trying to not panic about money, but it's hard. There are often reasons these things happen, right? I am trying to walk the dog most days, just to have something to do.

The Collar's job search is going ahead. We both feel better. I do hate not knowing where we are going, but I'm sure that we'll know where to go. His birthday is tomorrow, so he can stop with the old jokes.

The Wiz has a GI and a Hem appointment tomorrow. We'll visit the zoo afterwards. Friday is his last day at the Y. We are going up this afternoon. I think that he'll be losing a tooth today.

Game Boy is being 9. He's mad because one of their rewards for testing is an in school dance. Why are they doing that?!? He was elected as president of their school's chapter of FCA for next year.

Here's some flowers. These are growing in the front flower beds. Pretty soon my peonies will be blooming and the larkspur. The cosmos are the red ones and the pink flowers are pinks.


LilKnitter said...

Good luck to you on the money front. My search for a decent job is proving...fruitless. I'm starting to think waiting tables is in my near future.

So, The Collar is looking for a new charge? Or was this an interim gig? I'm not even sure if things work the same way in the Anglican/Episcopal clergy as in the Presbyterian system of things.

Big hugs to your little guy. He sounds like such a trooper!

Kate said...

The Collar is looking for full time employment. It's time to move on. He has been in his current position for almost 3 years, so not a temporary position. We hope that the next one is a longer stay.

The Wiz should be fine. Unfortunately, he's used to the routine. The zoo should be wonderful.

Pattie said...

praying the search goes well.