03 May 2007

Eventful Day!

It's been busy and here and will continue to be so. But, when has it not been busy?

Game Boy lost a tooth on Tuesday afternoon: his first molar on the right side. The Wiz lost a tooth yesterday. (Not the two loose top front teeth, but another one on the bottom.) No, they were not in a fight. It's just coincidence. I told Game Boy that he's too old for the tooth fairy, and he snorted. He's getting to be just a bit snarky. Of course, I have no idea where he gets that. :) The Wiz put his in an envelope and received 5 dimes for it. He's rich!

I know that I said I could wait for the end of the semester, but now I start teaching Human Ecology on Tuesday. It's my favorite class to teach, because I like to teach about sustainability and ecological issues (I tend to freak the students out because I'm neutral on hunting. If you have removed the predators, someone needs to thin the herd.). It's in the evening from 5:30 to 8:00, so the boys will have lots of time at home and we can do things. It's only 3 evenings a week, so it won't be too bad. I'll be finished for my week at camp, and I'll still be able to go on vacation with the family.

It's funny how I landed this gig. The chair was asking me if I was teaching for them this summer, and I said that I wasn't but wished now that I had signed up. She told me that someone had just pulled out of teaching a class in Summer I about a half an hour before. Did I want it, if so, go talk to Jean. I signed my contract 2 hours later. It's the fastest I've gotten a job ever. Now I don't have to go down to the nursery and apply there.

End of semester count: I have to add up the grades from yesterday's final and submit them. Then I can finish up the grades from 152 and 153. All that's left is my online class.

Knitting will come back soon. I am knitting, but I haven't taken pictures. Tomorrow is the Kindergarten derby, so that will probably be the next post.

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