07 May 2007

I'm bored.

I can't do anything. Really. Showering is difficult. Brushing my hair is difficult. Buttoning my pants is difficult (it's the whole thumb thing, really!).

Yesterday, I tried to knit. It didn't work.

I'm trying to type, but the huge thumb cast makes that hard.

I can't go for a run, because sweat + cast = eeeewwww.

Cycling is definitely out. I need both thumbs to shift and brake.

I'm even contemplating house work. That's just crazy. (And also difficult.)

So, my blog is about knitting, cycling, and meatloaf. None of which are happening right now. Oh well, we still have adventures.


Amanda said...

{{Hugs}} I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope this cast is the end of it, though, so you can get back to all of those things you love!
I know it must be bad - I need to be pretty desperate to consider housework. Yow.

Maybe going for walks or jogs? Just to get out and enjoy the outdoors??

LilKnitter said...

What rotten, no good luck for you. Boo to casts and silly thumbs that require fixing. Maybe it's good book, sunhat and a lounge chair time!

I hope you're able to find something to enjoy while your thumb is laid up.

(((((Thinking of you))))))

Anne said...

You could always make up pop quizzes for your summer class.

What can I say, I have an evil streak. LOL

I hope your thumb starts doing better and that you aren't in the cast for too long. They're no fun at all!

Good luck getting the Wizz to gain some weight, too. I was finally up to 49 by 6th grade, so it is possible! ;-)