24 May 2007

The Wiz is Unique

Yesterday was the Kindergarten graduation. Why they graduate, I do not know. They had a cute little program. He was the second speaker. He got the biggest, awww, how cute! comment of the morning. (There is one child shorter than him. But the Wiz is skinny though and is very elfin in appearance. Add to that the blond hair, blue/grey eyes and no teeth, and he'd make the crustiest grump melt.)

He did pretty well--but after 20 minutes, we could watch him getting wigglier and wigglier. The teacher kept reminding him he needed to sit still, and not talk. When he got his awards, he also nearly had them taken away, because he kept waving them around. During the video, he narrated the whole thing, making sure everyone knew who was in the pictures. I think he'll be spending first grade next to the teacher.

We play games almost every night after dinner. The big ones are Scrabble, dominoes, and Uno.
The boys were playing Uno, and The Collar put down a Draw Two card for The Wiz. The Wiz was drawing his cards, and drawing, and drawing. Finally, The Collar and Game Boy realized he was muttering with each card, "not a 2, not a 2, not a 2." Both of them started howling with laughter. They did let the Wiz put some back, but no one was sure how many cards he'd drawn.

Other Stuff:

Game Boy is going to gifted camp for two weeks. It's in the mornings, but any time the boys can't fight is good time.

I'm still boring.

The Collar is getting ready to go to Chicago with the youth (why aren't they teenagers? Youth is an adjective!).

The dogs are all insane. It's warm here, and all the kids are playing outside, and they think that they should be too.


LCinSunnySoCal said...

oooh, girl! You need a biking session BAD!

Summer is almost here, and we did a "ditch day" with dd yesterday. We're so bad! We went to a local lake, dropped a line in then went for a little hike.

Wishing you and the boys a peaceful weekend!


Pattie said...

you aren't boring! You're a mom :-) Glad to read the cast comes off soon.

Family games are the best.

hope you are enjoying your long weekend. I've spent several hours today just getting insurance and medical bills in order again. ode to joy. I am sure you can relate.