31 May 2007


Things are progressing around here.

First, I'll give you an update on my thumb. The cast is off! The skin below was nasty and itchy. The thumb isn't really any better than before the immobilization. I'm back in the splint and I will be having an MRI on Monday morning. On Thursday, I see the hand surgeon again. Hopefully, we will know once and for all what is happening with my thumb.

Since I can knit again (and go on the treadmill), I'll be a lot less restive. It's hard for me to sit around all the time. I didn't even do that when I broke my foot! However, sweaty casts are gross, so I did comply.

Now, that is out of the way, I'll give you pictures of growing things.

We have tomato plants!
We have green beans (almost ready to thin).
We have pepper plants.
And finally, we have tiny lettuce plants.
It is amazing what you can do if you try to be creative. We'll have fresh veggies, even though I had a cast during planting time.

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