10 May 2007

Home from Children's

First, a picture from the inlaws back yard:Isn't that neat? I took it last night from the car when we arrived at their house.

Anyway, The Wiz and I went up to CCHMC for his GI and Hem appointments. One of the things that I am most grateful for (and that I love my inlaws for) is that we are able to spend some time with The Collar's parents around the appointments. The Wiz really enjoys spending time with them without Game Boy.

The GI is pretty pleased with The Wiz's growth, although he's sort of dipping down on his weight curve. He's still 12th percentile for height, though! We have to keep on top of the PI, and we need to continue giving him calorie dense foods. He may soon need to have more enzymes, but he hasn't grown enough yet for that.

Hematology went well. The Wiz has done very well on IG, so we will be doing that again next fall/winter/spring. However, the whole throwing up 9 hours after IG is over is not good, so we are trying a new brand next year, if he's still having a problem after his summer break. We have to go back in a month to run a bunch of immunology tests before we deal with his allergy problems. Lucky Wiz had no blood draws (his term) today. They'll all be next month.

That out of the way, the Inlaws, aka the Baseball Junkies :), treated us to the afternoon Reds game. Before we arrived, Adam Dunn hit a 3 run homer and Junior hit a solo homer. (Actually Adam Dunn nearly hit a cycle--he didn't get a single!) A foul ball landed under a seat next to me, but I was too busy ducking to grab for it. Darn those self-preservation instincts! Today was the first time I've ever seen the Reds win. Usually, if I'm in the stands, they lose.

On the way home, The Wiz finally lost one of his front teeth. It kept him busy a good chunk of the way home.And, today is The Collar's birthday. He can stop with the old jokes now (he's 18 days younger than me).


Pattie said...

glad the appointments went well. I have been behind in everything and am finally catching up with you guys. Chris makes the old jokes with me, too.... he's 3 months younger than me...... I'm just SO old.

Pattie said...

PS-- I know a lot of folks who have had problems with viva.... we don't use that brand. S has been off IG for 4 weeks now and has had 2 nasty mouth sores since last week that won't go away.....definitely less energy, too......