15 May 2007

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We have been chugging along doing way too much. Not much exciting, mind, but keeping pretty darn busy.

My house is very clean right now, because The Collar's parents came down and helped him clean. I've been having a lot of trouble keeping up with it, because of the thumb. My house sparkles. :) Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my in-laws?

On Friday, Game Boy went to the indoor soccer place for the finished with testing reward. He was playing soccer and jammed his pinkie. He claims it didn't hurt until he came home. Due to the amount of swelling, I took him to the urgent treatment center for X-rays. It's sprained but not badly (we aren't talking my thumb) so it's taped up and splinted. He'll be fine. However, he had to sit out both soccer games this weekend. Yesterday, he won the Scrabble tournament at Gifted & Talented at school. Our evening scrabble games are coming in handy!

I must say that I am sick of X-rays!

The Wiz's soccer team played pretty well, but we lost. I don't care, as long as we improve, which we have. It was a nice Sunday for soccer, but Saturday was extremely hot. The Wiz is now coming home every afternoon rather than going to the Y since I'm home.

That's our news. Game Boy seems to be ready for summer and The Wiz definitely is. I think that geocaching is in our future.


LilKnitter said...

I'd hire someone with a giant pink cast!

I do wish you speedy healing; I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have two children and all that yarn, and a lovely bike, and all the other things you do, and a busted-up thumb. Boo.

I also send happy employment thoughts to The Collar. I hope that his search for a charge goes well; you'll end up where you ought to be, I know.

Elisabeth said...

Hi, Kate--

Tell Game Boy that we have friends here who do competitive Scrabble--schools have Scrabble teams that compete against each other, just like sports or academic teams do. I think that's pretty cool.