26 May 2007

School's Out for Summer!

We are on summer vacation. Finally! We can sleep in (well, until 7:00, maybe) if the dogs get the memo.

The Wiz is on his way to first grade, and Game Boy is on his way to fifth. Game Boy earned straight As for the quarter again, and wound up with a straight A average for the year. He won the science award for the fourth grade too. He says he would have earned the reading and math awards, but they were only allow one prize per student.

Our lettuce is germinating, so the veggies are coming along.

Only 5 more days of cast. No matter what, it's coming off. The doctor says that longer in the cast won't help, so it'll be off.

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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations, family!
Hope your thumb is OK.
May I link add your blog to my links so I'll remember to read it more often? Thanks!