11 July 2008

A brief interlude

On Monday, we drove from The Collar's parents' house to my parents' house. This is a distance of 617 miles, so it was a pretty long day. We left kind of late (it happens) and didn't arrive until late on Monday night. I showed you pictures of all of that before.

Tuesday through Thursday, we spent with family. We didn't get to see everyone (we never do), but we saw a pretty good chunk. Here's how many children were at my parents' house on Thursday:We have a lot of family. My brother's daughter wasn't there but we saw her later, and neither were the daughters of the sister that isn't even a year younger than me.

For the first time in ages, we were there when my uncle was in town:And we saw The Aunts.Some how, I didn't get any pictures of my brother and his family OR my parents. How on earth does that happen? (Probably because I'm a candid shot person and it never really occurs to me to take posed pictures!)

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Dorothy from Kansas said...

If I had known you were in town I would have made an effort to visit you. I didn't even know you had been here until I saw some pictures that Maggie had posted on her myspace. Sorry I missed you! Glad you were able to see Uncle Bill.