03 July 2008

We're out!

Mostly, anyway. I still have to shampoo carpets. But the house in on the market, now, so there has been progress.

This is our second completely paid for and done move. The first time, we learned that telling the movers not to pack things doesn't work (The Wiz's diaper pail was packed full, with lots of other things. We just threw away the box.) so we packed the stuff we wanted for the trip and what we needed into my car. The only things that were packed were the dog bowls and the leashes. Really, that's not too bad. We also stuck a few things on the piano, so that helped, too.

Things I learned: we/I have a lot of kitchen/dining equipment. I think that those two rooms probably took the longest!Game Boy's bedroom actually took the longest. What is truly frightening about that is we cleaned/pared down his belongings in May. He just likes to collect things, and he's sentimental.The Wiz's room took the least amount of time.

The dogs behaved very well. Not much barking, but they were very worried. Lulu keeps hanging out by the cars, in case we might go back home. (Currently, we are at The Collar's parents for a few days while BBF v. male is in the hospital recovering from his surgery.) How do you explain to a dog that we aren't going back there?


Maggie said...

Happy Anniversary! How long before you are in my neck of the woods?

Kate said...

Thanks for the wishes. It's not going to be very festive. The Collar is at the hospital with his mother right now while his dad's having his tumor removed and his central line placed. He's been in surgery for quite a while.

We're not sure exactly when we'll be able to leave--it depends on BBF v. male's recovery from his surgery. It looks like we'll be leaving on Monday.

lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

I'll keep bff v.male in my prayers. And for a safe trek west.

It's great to have people you love so much that it makes you so crazy when they have trials and tribulations. And, at the same time, it's so hard!

Maggie said...

I'm praying for BBf v. male.