12 July 2008

Westward, HO! Travel Day 3

Yes, I'm being really creative with the titles of my blog entries right now, aren't I? Today we traveled from Cheyenne, WY to Twin Falls, ID, a distance of 620 miles. We traveled through Wyoming, a bit of Utah, and just into Idaho.

Tonight, I'll just talk about Wyoming.

The majority of yesterday was in Nebraska. It's a long, long state. It's as our children succinctly put it: BORING! Our Conestoga wagon told us that the temperature outside fluctuated between 95 and 99 degrees (Fahrenheit, for you Canadians). This morning we woke up in Cheyenne and it was cool 49 degrees. Brr! It stayed in the upper 70's/low 80's while we were in Wyoming.

I've decided that Wyoming is quite nice, if you avoid the towns, and don't want to have anything such as stores, other people, houses, roads, gas stations, and the like. However, you'll have plenty of pronghorn antelope around, and lots of beef. I really did like it, and I could probably live there, as long as I had high speed internet. The boys were impressed with the scenery also, and told us it's too bad that all of the boring stuff comes at once. Game Boy kept looking at the crevasses, watching for pumas. We were not sore afraid, though. *

Who cares what we think? Here are some pictures!
Wind farm windmills. I think that they are beautiful, and have a great purpose.
Rocks. Gigantic ones.
A rest area view. The Wiz is in the foreground, catching crickets. The vista goes on forever.
Rocks and sagebrush, or sagebrush and cliffs. You choose.More sagebrush, more rocks, and places for fierce wild beasts that smell like pumas to hide. (It's late, forgive me!)

*If you can identify what the heck I'm talking about, you get a gold star!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for these posts, K. Thinking of you all & praying for you as you travel & prepare to settle in new home.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. Love the photos!

Pat said...

* Oregon Trail (which I have for my PC btw).

Great pictures. I don't envy you the drive.