18 July 2008

Westward HO! Oregon and Washington

But only a little of Washington. We're just across the border from Oregon.Parts of Oregon are very much desert. Parts are mountainous, and parts are green. We climbed and climbed while we were in Oregon, then, we came down from literally days of climbing in about 10 miles. Not a heck of a lot of fun, I'll tell you. It's especially not fun when you are in a Suburban pulling a car. But, we made it all in one piece.
We stopped for lunch at Farewell Bend State Park. It's named for the place that the pioneers left the Snake River. Obviously, there's a bend in the river there.
Snake River, with a bit of the bend. I have more river pictures, and I'll work on getting all of that set up soon.
A picture of dust devils in a wheat field. I kind of like this picture.Welcome to Washington!

I'll write more later. Once we are settled (i.e. have our own internet service) I'll make a slide show of our trip. It went *very* well, even with all of our pets in tow.


lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

Hey! I need a mailing address, once you can give me one! You need your "Summer Lovin", right?? :)

Kate said...

Once we actually have closed on the house--I'm too paranoid about it right now.

After we're settled, I'll write about the entire bizarre saga about the house, debit cards, and the like.

However, we all love it here already!