22 July 2008

Things We Learned on Our Trip

--Maisie learned that the car and the leash are not horrible things.

--The boys learned/taught themselves how to remove their underwear WITHOUT taking off their shorts. And put them back on. (Why, I have no idea. It's not exactly a life skill that one must have to go to college. Or maybe it is. It's good that I teach online.)

--The Collar and I have learned that our metal travel mugs keep coffee hot, but that the plastic ones don't.

--We like the west's scenery.

--The boys are quite creative at coming up with things to do. They amused themselves in the car much better than they are now.

--We all really like it here. Both boys have told this to everyone we've met, completely unprompted.

--I really miss email and the internet. :(

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