16 July 2008

Westward HO! Idaho

We spent the night in Idaho, at Twin Falls. Most of Idaho was desert and potatoes. It was flat, and dull, and then there was this:We stayed by the Snake River Canyon. It was amazing. If you didn't look down, you'd literally never see it. Not only that, we managed to be there on Sunday morning when there were base jumpers off of the bridge. (I truly wish I could post more pictures in blogger.) All of us decided that it was cool to watch, but not a one of us wanted to try it.

Later, I'll write about Oregon (where there was no welcome to Oregon sign) and Washington. a


LilKnitter said...

You guys are seeing so much! Such a neat journey.

If you want to post infinite pictures, hosting them on flickr or photobucket is really easy, and then you just cut and paste the url for the pic to your blog post. Infinite pictures!

lcinsunnysocal.wordpress.com said...

was that a vehicle in the river???

Kate said...

I'll work on my pictures to make a slide show later on--when I have a connection at home and more time.

LC, I don't think there's a vehicle. I think it is the parachute from the base jumper that you see. There might be boats, though.

Pattie said...

great pictures. life has been crazy here--been thinking of you.....jut too crazy to pop in, kwim?